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Pretty in Pastels

A newly wed couple on the Upper West side sought us out to help design their first baby nursery and it’s—A girl!  The room itself was originally used as an office and eventually  storage—which is inevitable for most of us with an extra room.

Our client expressed her love of pastels and girly flair. The key color palette we went for was baby pinks with a splash of turquoise. To help bring in some dimension to this boxy room we decided to ombre the walls in hues of pink: Benjamin Moore’s Tomato Sauce, Salmon Berry, Peach Kiss, and Frosted Petal. The effect this gave was being able to draw the eye upward which framed the elegant Zgallerie chandelier perfectly!

The “I love you to the moon & back” custom framed canvas was purchased on Etsy, as the art work over the crib; as well as a moon & stars cloud mobile.  The little piggy rocker is from Land of Nod.  The African baskets were a perfect match to act as additional storage from Swahili-imports.com.

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A nursery story

Being an interior designer based in Manhattan, most of our residential clients reside in apartment buildings or brownstones. Now-a-days being able to live in a space that resembles a closet has become the norm for most NYC dwellers. Our latest Zbox client approached us for help in designing their very first nursery. It was definitely a change for us working with someone who lives in a large suburban home. Immediately we were impressed by how much space we were given for just a nursery alone. Our usual problems are:  “There is not enough space for all this furniture” and “MAXIMIZE THE STORAGE!” but in this particular case we had SO much space! AND to top it all off, there were at least two outlets per wall—AMAZING.

The decor we opted for is quiet yet playful. Accenting the main wall that is seen when someone walks into the room; is Cole & Son Labyrinth in light blue. The graphic nature of the pattern is subdued by the colors and low contrast. With such large wall spaces we didn’t want to overwhelm the design, but the large white ceiling space posed as a very blank slate, so solving that issue by painting orange stripes along gave the room a fun dynamic.

We sectioned the room into two sections: sleeping area and seating area. We predict the seating area containing the Eden Sleeper Sofa by Room and Board, will serve as a haven for Mom or Dad for sleepless nights with baby.

Check out the entire project below:Dhevani Zbox7 copy

Dhevani Zbox1 copy Dhevani Zbox2 copy Dhevani Zbox4 copy Dhevani Zbox5 copy

Hollywood glamour pad!

So this Manhattan based Interior Design firm got a very bold unique Z-box customer last week! Her Dog was dyed hot pink and was named “Bucci”! She specifically told us she loved rooms that have that Las Vegas hotel Design! Our new client wanted a Hollywood Glamour designed bedroom that she would like doused in the color PINK! She owned a round bed and a bubble chair but didn’t know how to tie the decorated look of the apartment all together.


We created for her a pink silk canopy to create drama to her round bed. We also wallpapered the walls with Holly Hunt “grand stand gold” paper. Of coarse we couldn’t help ourselves and  just had to introduce some Jonathan Adler furniture pieces as well!

And we could not forget little pink Bucci and gave her a hounds tooth dog bed for her to feel just as special!

Interior Design is a type of service that has a mixed bag of clientele every year; but we don’t always get to have as much creative fun as this client allowed us to go for!!!

See our Interior Design work attached below:

PowerPoint PresentationPowerPoint PresentationPowerPoint PresentationPowerPoint PresentationPowerPoint Presentation

Z Box of the week: Unisex nursery

Our latest Z box client, approached us for help in designing a nursery for her very first baby. An exciting time it is, but can be stressful if you don’t know where to start in preparing. She also preferred to keep the gender of her baby a secret until the big day!

So here is the challenge we faced: How can we  design a nursery that brings plenty of personality while not using the most common solutions for a gender neutral nursery?? (–Most common solution being the use of yellow, or no colors at all.)


We decided…LIGHT MINT, by Benjamin Moore, with an accent color of bright orange. From our concept boards you can see the chosen style of our Mom-to-be. She preferred  a modern, clean lined, organised look and loved the use of bright colors. We also wanted the furniture we chose to be practical and transitional pieces that the baby can use growing into a toddler and even a teenager!


As an accent wall behind the crib we chose to do painted stripes. Stripes can add so much dimension to a room plus it’s fun and super easy to DIY. We took the mint color further by painting the ceilings too! It’s always nice to have something going on in the ceiling, especially in a baby’s room.

Other key pieces in the room are: The Land of Nod-Blake dresser in white, Chevron and on rug in gray; blackout shades from Restoration Hardware; Ouef-Sparrow crib; Barn Light Electric- Wesco gooseneck light in orange;  2Modern- Luca glider in orange



We hope you loved our gender neutral nursery design as much as we do!

Stay tuned for our next  Z Box of the week design!!!

Wendy’s Z box!

We’ll be posting our Z boxes of the week so one can see the work we do behind the curtain. Some of our Z box designs are really to fun to just send to the customer & then close the file … so now all of our New York Decorator fans can enjoy them as well !!!!!!!! ;P

Here is a Z Box client of ours living in Brooklyn Heights,  who worked with a previous decorator but was less then thrilled with the way a wallpaper overwhelmed her bedroom’s look…

When dealing with a room that has massive lengthy walls, wallpaper is diffidently the best choice since paint can look very flat on a surface.

Wallpaper adds texture and dimension that you just cant get with a slapped color block.

But the right Wallpaper can diffidently be an overwhelming decision making process.

When you have a room where the walls look like they go on forever…its good to create layers to create levels to an empty cube of vast space…I recommend doing Accent walls with a large scale graphic wallpaper print; and complimenting the adjacent walls with a similar toned paper that has only a textural detail.

This way it seems to be a unison between the papers as a whole look in the room with out going to boring or to busy.

We chose “Anis wallpaper” from Mirabel collection at our friends at Romo group as well as Phillip Jeffries: grass cloths.

paper  http://st.houzz.com/simgs/87c19d600107b426_4-9369/traditional-wallpaper.jpg

She had a piece of Art that she purchased from a gallery in Tel Aviv, Israel  during her travels. We wanted to add a few elements of glam & sophistication with a Jonathan Adler “Bacharach swivel chair” for a vintage funky feel & a Nelson console from Noir.

Current room:


Z BOX DESIGN !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ::

PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation

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