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LIVI-ID was created by Lily Zingman & Viviana Monari. Together we share 15years of experience in the Interior Design industry. Both previous owners of individual self owned design firms, the two of us put our minds together to create a brand of design that reflects the sophisticated clean contemporary look of Miami; with the edgy unique creative vibe of New York. Thus LIVI Interior Design was born! Our jobs are to create spaces that truly inspire & reflect one’s personality & creativity! we are both Decor Nuts! We live, breath & think décor 24/7. We have no doubt that it is exactly what we are meant to be doing. We want nothing more than to make you fall madly in love with your home!

A few facts about us: Lily & Viviana!

Lily Z. was born in Israel, & raised in South Africa, & she loves New York, where she now lives. She is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, Interior Designer BFA program. She worked for the “Happy Chic” designer Jonathan Adler, & learned how to make designed spaces not only beautiful but fun! She is a mom to two little rascals named Zoey age 2; and Augie age 4.

Viviana Monari, co-created “ID-Design for All”- in Miami, Florida. Over the years working as a conventional office of architecture and interiors, she has created a way to design with greater visual and illustrative appeal, in order to help their customers not only better understand their projects but also fall in love with their ideas. She is mom to Lorenzo, age 5!

We hope you love working with LiVi Interior Design & know that your space will be designed with the greatest amount of T.L.C.

Can’t wait to meet you!

Love: Lily & Vivi


Elle Decor's chosen designer, featured on elledecor.com designer registry, July 27, 2011
TimeOut New York, October 2011
GLO-msn.com June 04th, 2014

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